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In an email dated May 24, 2006 Cindy Jacobs of Generals International wrote: “As I pray for the United States, I see that we are at a crossroads where we will either keep the ground we have taken and advance to see our nation transformed, or we will deteriorate at an alarming rate.

How will the next generation judge our actions at this juncture in history? Will they say that we rose to the occasion and pushed through to Shift the Nation, or that we missed this time of visitation because of our weariness and passivity?

The last time Generals International gathered at Chevy Chase Baptist Church in 2000 was to come together for a time of intercession preceding the presidential election, and God heard our prayers in a powerful way. It is time again to rally the troops and cry out together to see God's hand remain on our land! This is a crucial hour for the body of Christ to stand together and cry out for protection, blessing and a fresh wave of the Holy Spirit's power for America. Righteousness will exalt this nation!”

In an email dated May 10, 2006 Mike and Cindy Jacobs and the Generals International team wrote that Lou Engle (of The Call/Cause/Justice Houses of Prayer) has just issued a call for 40 days of emergency prayer, beginning on Sunday, May 14 and continuing to June 22 . . .

Lou reports: “Bob Jones received a vision in 1999 that the “Burning Bush” (President George Bush) would come out of Texas, and in the second half of his second term, if the church would pray, he would do much to end abortion, restrain homosexual marriage, and bring prayer back in the schools of America . . .

We just met with a U.S. Senator who confirms to us that almost everything positive seems to be restrained and held back on Capitol Hill right now . . . The question is, will the church give up and yield to the opinion polls, criticism, and acquiescence, or will the church pray?”

Cindy continues: “Mike and I are currently in Seoul where 7,000+ people have gathered at the Olympic Hall venue for Shift the Nation Korea. Hundreds of people have been turned away because it is just too crowded. I have been so touched to see the intensity and passion of the people of Korea as they cry out to God for revival in their nation. The Koreans have responded to the call to shift their nation.

The question that remains is will the people of America do the same for their own nation? As Lou Engle says, intercessors are stewards of the prophetic promises of the church . . . It is all about, `if the church will pray.' History belongs to the intercessors!”

Note that Bob Jones' prophecy above specified how, with enough prayer behind him, President Bush will do much to restrain homosexual marriage. On May 26th Harry Valentine of Capitol Hill Prayer Alert sent out the following ALARM ON THE MARRIAGE PROTECTION AMENDMENT (which is due for a vote in the U.S. Senate on June 6 or 7): “If the homosexual marriage movement is not stopped, everything moral (as defined by God in His Holy Word) will be challenged, censured as oppressive, and eventually overthrown by pagan judges who have obvious anti-Christ agenda.

This is already happening as judges, state Supreme courts, and/or state legislators overturn state referenda to establish marriage as between a man and a woman. There is a direct correlation between the preservation of traditional marriage and religious liberty. Once homosexual marriage is legal, our religious liberty will be stripped away . . . (ed. note: The Cheney's lesbian daughter Mary has recently published her much-publicized memoir.)

So, how to PRAY: WITH URGENCY; it will be difficult to get past the Democrats filibuster, much less get 67 votes in the Senate. Ask the Lord to RULE in this process; nothing is too difficult for Him (Jer. 32:17).

We need to REPENT that things have reached this point; that we, the Church, have allowed God's message to be so weakened and compromised that there is not much FEAR OF THE LORD or LOVE OF HIS PECEPTS left in our public squares or in His Church.”

Recently NPE Director Jeff Wright was led by God to become active again in daily 5 A.M. group prayer, as happened between 1986 and 1991 when the National Prayer Embassy was birthed under the leadership and inspiration of Bob Willhite and Larry Lea with the “Could You Not Tarry One Hour-Lord's Prayer Outline.”

At that time communism and the Soviet Empire were collapsing, and there was great danger that the transition would be violent instead of peaceful. Today, 20 years later, Islam is collapsing, and again there is great danger that the transition will be violent instead of peaceful.

Obviously America is still at war in Iraq, and with terrorism around the world. Many experts say it is inevitable that America will be attacked with nuclear weapons in the future, with New York City and Washington, D.C. being the most likely targets, as happened on 9/11.

But with enough prayer, God's protection for His people is even more inevitable! With enough prayer, revival, including massive gospel outreach and Godly values dominating our government, is even more inevitable than the predictions of the experts and the threats of the terrorists!

Regarding Jeff Wright's current involvement in daily 5 A.M. group prayer, that has happened through the influence of another international prayer ministry headquartered on Capitol Hill in a strategic location next to the Supreme Court. That ministry is “Men For Nations” led by Richard Simmons, who for several decades has had a special calling on his life to mobilize men for early morning prayer.

In recent years, God gave Dick an assignment to mobilize 500,000 American men for
5 A.M. - 7 A.M. daily prayer to protect America from destruction and to usher in revival. Dick says women have been praying earnestly since the 1980's, and youth started crying out to the LORD fervently for our nation in the late 1990's (and even more so since 2000 with Lou Engle's Call/Cause/Justice Houses of Prayer Movement) but the missing key is men.

As part of that vision about 15 years ago Dick was led by God to purchase three condos directly across from the U.S. Supreme Court and close to the U.S. Senate Office Buildings.

Dick lives with his wife Barbara in one of the condos, another he uses for a prayer center and broadcast studio, and the third he uses as a dorm for male prayer mobilizers whenever they visit DC and are willing to spend four hours a day in prayer, including 5 A.M.- 7 A.M. at Dick's prayer center, and then attendance at government hearings in need of special prayer, or even prayer tours of D.C.!

Over the last 15 years Dick has acted as an ambassador for prayer on Capitol Hill. For example, for several years now Dick has been discipling some of our Senators, Representatives and lobbyists in prayer, and as a result these men are now more active than ever in mobilizing their colleagues to pray. Dick calls his facility “Capitol Hill Prayer Embassy” which it truly is!

In May this year the Family Research Council hosted a large pro-family, pro-moral values pastors' briefing in DC. At this briefing they gave Dick Simmons time to address the crowd of about 400, and to invite them to meet him for 5 A.M.- 7 A.M. prayer the next day in the conference hotel.

20 were there at 5 A.M. and 40 by 6 A.M., which is a great turnout, especially since the meeting the night before went till 10 P.M. Revival is in the land! People sense the precarious times in which we live and are hungry to seek the Lord in a greater way and tithe their time to God in daily early morning prayer!

Below is the biography on Dick Simmons that Family Research Council included in their recent Washington, D.C. pastors' conference brochure. Also see where Dick describes the Predawn National Prayer Offensive and the 7/24 Capitol Prayer Watch.

For more information contact:
Dick Simmons, 117 2nd ST NE, Washington, DC 20002 / Ph. 202-546-3996

Dick is especially interested to know if you are now in a men's group meeting for daily early morning prayer or willing to have him come help you get such a group started.

REV. DICK SIMMONS: As an ordained Presbyterian minister, Rev. Simmons was involved in one of the first major prayer thrusts of the charismatic movement, out of which were birthed the ministries of Pat Robertson and David Wilkerson.

In Brooklyn, Rev. Simmons assisted David Wilkerson in launching TEEN CHALLENGE, one of the first narcotic centers for teen-age addicts in the nation, by serving as its first director.

In 1965, Rev. Simmons founded the M-2 Man to Man Job Therapy program, which has matched Christian laymen with over 50,000 adult and juvenile offenders in state and federal prisons. Since then, the program has spread to 15 states and three nations.

In 1980, he was appointed by President Reagan to the Justice Task force. In this capacity he advised the administration on how to best mobilize the private sector to tap the volunteer potential of the American public.

His latest endeavor, Men for Nations, was developed to open the way for spiritual wakening. He and his wife Barbara have both served as evangelists in the inner city, in churches, and on college campuses. Together they have four children and four grandchildren.