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KCM newsletter Nov. 1996 on Jeff Wright & NPE
Pastor Jeff Wright

Jeff Wright grew up in Kansas, where from 1976-1978 he attended a local church Bible school that was staffed by some of the first graduates of Kenneth Hagin's Rhema Bible Training Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. During this time, Fred Price, Jerry Savelle, and Kenneth Hagin, Jr. all personally came and taught seminars at this church.

From 1976-1981 Jeff worked in this local church as a volunteer in a weekly jail ministry, in recording a daily "Dial-a-Prayer" telephone message, in directing a monthly men's prayer breakfast, in the church music ministry, in construction labor to help build a 500-seat
church auditorium, in monthly tract distribution at an approved location at a local hospital, in teaching Bible College classes, and in substitute preaching for the pastor. Also, from 1976-1981, Pastor Jeff worked at a secular job full-time as a civil engineering technician.
(Reference: Evangelist Jeff Goss, P.O. Box 328, High Ridge, MO 63049

In June 1981 Jeff was led supernaturally by God to move to Ft. Worth, Texas for further preparation for full-time ministry. Actually, he first sensed the leading of God in 1979 to make this move, and after two years of prayer this leading was even stronger than at first. He counseled with his pastor, parents, and friends before leaving.

From 1982-1983 Jeff attended a local church in the Ft. Worth area that was pastored by another of the first-year graduates of Kenneth Hagin's Rhema. Once again Jeff was active as a volunteer in the church music ministry, in construction labor for church building projects, and in preparing and distributing church advertising fliers door-to-door. Also, from 1981-1983 Jeff worked at a secular job full-time as a city firefighter.

(Reference: Pastor Ronnie Moore, Word of Love Christian Center
1860 Precinct Line Rd
Hurst, TX 76054
phone: 817-485-5683.)

Jeff Wright had been actively praying for the government for several years, but in March 1983 he first sensed that God was leading him to start a church in the Washington, D. C. area specifically to encourage believers to pray for the government. In order to avoid setting up too close to an already-established church, Jeff counseled with Washington, D. C. area pastors prior to his move.

Victory World Outreach Church and/or Pastor Jeff Wright have been a long-time member in good standing with several national and international ministerial associations, including Faith Christian Fellowship International ( International Convention of Faith Ministries
( Victory Fellowship of Ministries ( & Kenneth Copeland Ministries (