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Several times in past years, and especially since 9/11, people have asked us about starting a prayer tour in their city.

We believe God has directed us to publish a directory of local chapters of the National Prayer Embassy to which we could refer new people contacting our ministry.

After much prayer it seems good to the Holy Ghost and to us to lay down the following qualifications for anyone desiring to be listed in our directory as the contact person for a local chapter of the National Prayer Embassy:

1) Receive our weekly prayer alert and agree to include that in a weekly group prayer time by making enough copies so that your group can pray from it out loud together (since our
weekly prayer alerts are printed in all capital letters double spaced, they can be shared by two or three people at a time)

2) Purchase enough copies of our prayer handbook ($20 each) so that your group can pray from it out loud together as the Holy Spirit leads; (since our prayer handbooks are printed
in all capital letters double spaced, they can be shared by two or three people at a time);

3) Conduct a regular (for. ex. weekly or monthly) prayer tour of your community, using a vehicle to take your group of praying believers past your local sites of government, economy,
military and media, using them as reminders to pray for all those in authority in your area and around the world as the Holy Spirit leads;

4) Submit a recommendation from the pastor of your local church, or if you are a pastor, from your immediate denominational supervisor or associate; click above on "Contact Us" for the form.

Let's pray about this today:
"Father God in heaven, we realize the only thing standing between us and the return of the Lord Jesus Christ is enough fervent, effectual, annointed, strategic, Holy Spirit-led prayer.

"Thank you Lord for giving us the tool of prayer tours as a way to trick our flesh into obeying you in prayer. Thank you Lord for raising up prayer tours wherever you want them, to
help us be diligent in prayer, and to keep our cities saturated in prayer, sothat there can be enough peace on earth for the gospel to spread as fast as possible, with the least hindrance.

"We thank you Lord for helping us to be doers of your word in 1st Timothy chapter two, verses one through four, to first of all make supplication, prayer, intercession and giving of
thanks for all people, especially those in authority, so that we will have peace to spread the gospel as fast as possible, so that Jesus can return as soon as possible.

"In the name of Jesus we rebuke and cast out every satanic distraction that would keep these prayer tours from happening and we thank you Lord for the Holy Ghost and your angels helping us to obey you in conducting these prayer tours, in Jesus' name, amen!"